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One of the reasons United Way is so respected is the thorough manner in which we assess funding opportunities. We work hard to make sure that donations are invested in the most responsible and impactful way possible.

What We Fund

All registered charities doing work in our Focus Areas are eligible for United Way funding.

United Way CSO invests in:

  • Programs and services
  • Core operations (such as rent or insurance) for charitable organizations
  • Community collaborations to tackle specific social issues
  • Short term projects or events
  • Youth-led projects to create positive change in communities
  • Materials to improve the location or accessibility of a non-profit organization (upgrades or emergencies)

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Community Impact Teams

The United Way’s process of allocating funds to local non-profits is collaborative and entirely volunteer-driven. Volunteers review grant applications, make site visits to each local agency, and participate in meetings during which charity representatives present their application and explain what it will do with the funding. The volunteers then form recommendations to our volunteer Board of Directors with the goal of ensuring that United Way invests donor dollars to best meet the needs of our community.

Click below for more information on United Way CSO’s funding process.


How to Apply for Funding

For more information on the application process or current funding opportunities, take a look at the FAQs in our 2017 Community Fund Applicant Guide or contact our Community Investment Manager.

Applicant Guide
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