Jane’s Story

Jane* came to NOW Canada from a transition centre. She was a mother whose children were in care with a significant amount of Ministry and Children and Family Development (MCFD) involvement. In addition, she was pregnant — pregnant and using drugs. She needed an abstinence-based program, safe housing and intensive supports. She got all of this at NOW Canada. We worked with Jane and MCFD so visits with her children could be arranged and she could still attend programs, giving her the opportunity to work on herself — to get healthy and remain committed to her recovery. She successfully completed the program while attending regular trauma therapy sessions to help her heal from her past. This was key in assisting her to move forward. Success is not achieved without hard work — and Jane has done the hard work.

Jane is now living in safe housing within our community and has sole custody of all her children — a family in our community has been reunited. United Way’s investment in Jane gave her the opportunity to change her life and to build upon these changes so she could move forward with hope and optimism for herself and her children.

*Name has been changed to protect the privacy of the individual

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