Kids and Families Unplug All Over the Central Okanagan

January 16, 2017 – Interior Savings Unplug and Play Week Runs January 21 – 28. This week encourages children, families, and communities to unplug from their screens and explore ways of spending time together.

Events and activities are happening from Peachland to Oyama every day from Jan 21 to 28. Events include Board Games Night, outdoor events in our Regional Parks, Storytimes and Skating, Crafts and Waffle Breakfast.  Interior Savings Unplug and Play week is being coordinated by Success by 6 – United Way CSO, and the Partners for Literacy.

Playing screen games, watching television and going online are fun activities but too much screen time can impact children’s development. Studies suggest that too much screen time can have health consequences, and can impact their quality of life. Excess screen time can make it hard for a child to sleep, can raise risks of attention problems, anxiety, and depression, can raise risks of gaining unhealthy weight, and leaves less time for active, creative and social play.

Parents, child-care providers, and teachers are important role models and gate-keepers for screen time for children. This week of unplugging kicks off with a family-friendly event on January 21st from 10-2 at the Laurel Packinghouse that will feature many fun activities we can all do when we turn off the screens.

As presenting sponsor, Interior Savings’ is challenging everyone in the community to do one thing with your family, or with friends, that you haven’t done before or maybe haven’t done in a long time.  It could be participating in a free community event, building a snow fort or maybe just cooking dinner together as a family.

“The point is not that technology is bad but that we need to be mindful of balance,” said Kathy Conway, CEO of Interior Savings. “We use technology to improve health, quality of life and to free up time.  But many of us are spending that new found time and energy staring at screens rather than connecting with others or with nature.  For us to be healthy, for our community to be healthy, we need balance.”

Conway says the only way to initiate change is to start with that first step. Get inspired, enter the contest and check out the full schedule of events at or find details about the kick-off event on Facebook – Unplug and Play Kick-Off Event.

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