Paul, Lisa and Max’s Story

Paul and Lisa were so excited to become parents for the first time. Their baby son Max was happy and healthy, and for the first 2 years of his life, everything seemed normal. They didn’t have a lot of money, since they were living on only one wage, but otherwise things were fine. Shortly after Max turned 2, something didn’t seem right.  That was when they needed to rely on their community for the first time, and were so grateful that United Way was there for them.

Lisa was staying home to raise Max, and she had joined a moms and tots group so that they could meet other families with children the same age. “I noticed that he wasn’t doing some things quite as easily as the other children,” she says. “He didn’t seem to be noticing things and learning the way other kids were, and he got very frustrated.”

Lisa and Mike worked with their family doctor, and through testing discovered that Max was struggling with poor vision and sensory processing – basically, he was experiencing the world differently than other children. He would need therapies for the next 10 years to assist his development. Family counselling helped Paul and Lisa to cope stress, and they also received help finding excellent and affordable child care when Lisa was ready to return to work outside the home.

“It was not something we were prepared for at all,” says Paul. “We didn’t know how to help our son, and we were worried about what it meant for his future. We are so grateful this kind of help was available to our family.” Today Max is 12 years old and he loves playing with his dog, riding his bike and playing Guitar Hero.

With your help, we can support All that Kids Can Be:

  • Provide counselling to families going through changes and crises
  • Help parents find quality child care for their little ones
  • Make sure children have access to therapies so they can reach their milestones

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