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Career and Volunteer Opportunities

Career Opportunities

United Way CSO and/or affiliated organizations have no career opportunities at this time.

Job Opps on AFP Okanagan

Volunteer Opportunities

United Way CSO has the following volunteer opportunities:

Volunteer Program Developer

Donor Stewardship Volunteer

Digital Communications Volunteer


Community Impact Team Volunteer

Office Admin Support Volunteer

To apply for these positions, send resume to or call 250-860-2356 for more information.

More Volunteer Info

United Way CSO is a proud community partner of Do Some Good, a community engagement platform that brings volunteers, charitable organizations and businesses together to build stronger and more connected communities.

For the most up-to-date information on volunteering with us, check out our Do Some Good volunteer profile or contact Jeremy Lugowy, Community Engagement Coordinator, at 250-860-2356.

United Way CSO on Do Some Good

Our volunteers contribute their time, expertise and talent to improve lives in their communities – join us and make a difference!