Workplace Campaign Spotlight- Crowe MacKay

Crowe MacKay has coordinated a United Way CSO Workplace Campaign for more than 10 years. Last year, they raised a total of $28,322 through corporate giving, employee payroll, and workplace special events donations for the UWCSO 2016 Campaign! Crowe MacKay’s dedication to supporting UWCSO lands them among our top ten fundraising workplaces in our region!

Crowe MacKay’s corporate philosophy is to give back to the communities in which they live and work. They encourage their employees to be actively involved in fulfilling this vision. In recent years, Crowe MacKay has participated in a Pushor Mitchell United Way Day of Caring, where Crowe MacKay employees lent their helping hands to the Kelowna Community Food Bank. Additionally, Crowe MacKay proudly supported our Leadership Appreciation Event held in February 2016.

What drive’s Crowe MacKay’s dedication to supporting their communities through United Way CSO is their strong belief that a strong community creates endless opportunities for education, employment and increased quality of living. This belief aligns well with our own strategic priority of Building Strong Communities. It is through our partnership with Crowe MacKay that we are better able to target our investments where they are needed most in communities in our region.

UWSCO would like to thank Crowe MacKay and staff for their continued outstanding support. Crowe MacKay’s local giving through United Way CSO helps support our communities in helping kids be all that they can be, building strong communities and moving people from poverty to possibility. Together, we are possibility.

Crowe MacKay attends United Way CSO community appreciation event

Crowe MacKay employees give back during a Pushor Mitchell United Way Day of Caring at the Kelowna Food Bank