Workplace Campaign Spotlight – Gorman Bros. Lumber

West Kelowna’s #1 United Way Workplace Campaign is Gormans Bros. Lumber. For over 10 years, Gorman’s has coordinated a United Way CSO Workplace Campaign. At United Way CSO, 60% of our Community Funds are generated through local Workplace Campaigns. Gorman’s Workplace Campaign contributions help ensure that important agencies in our community who are committed to helping kids, moving people from poverty to possibility and building strong communities receive the funding they need.

Since 2003, Gorman’s has raised over $500,000 for United Way CSO through corporate sponsorship, employee pledges and corporate matching. Last year, Gormans employees raised $30,500 alone which was matched by corporate, making their total $61,008! This total makes Gormans one of our Top Ten Workplace Campaigns, and our #1 Workplace Campaign in West Kelowna!

Gorman’s corporate philosophy is “More than a company… a community”. Gorman’s is committed to connecting with and positively impacting their community. Through their commitment to supporting United Way CSO, Gorman’s has demonstrated exceptional commitment to these corporate philosophies.

United Way CSO would like the thank Gorman’s for their commitment to supporting their community through United Way. Because of Gormans’ corporate and employee generosity, we are able to target our investments where they are needed most in our communities. Together, we are possibility.

United Way staff along with Gitta Jongedyk of BMO were invited to tour Gorman’s mill – September 2017